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Smartbargains.com doesn't seem to have their inventory synched with their estore. I tried on two different occasions to purchase two different watches weeks apart.

In both cases, They took my credit card and personal info both times. I got an email confirming my purchase, and then days later another telling me they were sorry, but they couldn't fulfill the order. Both times on different products. Then I saw that they were selling the same merchandise on ebay at reduced prices.

Seems as though they are just out to collect personal and financial information.

What a scam! Don't give it to them.

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It seems that they sell on ebay and on Amazon along with on thier own site. HAving sold on Amazon myself, I find THat Amazon is not quick to update stock levels. I would let them know that the level had dropped or I would not be selling an item anymore, and it would take them weeks to remove it from the site. I had to cancel several orders and Amazon's "security" blocked my notifications to customers until they filed a claim and I had to pay out.

I understand that SmartBargains does send some items directly from the vendor or manufacturer and may not be updated by the manufacturer/Vendor that stock has changed. I have bought mutiple items form SmartBArgains, and never had an issue.

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